Acne is skin eruptions that is caused by inflammation of sebaceous glands and proliferation of P. acne bacteria. It can range from mild occurrence of pink bumps on the skin to sore enlarged red bumps that can be pustular or cystic in nature. Poor acne control can make the eruptions more chronic and severe, often leading to permanent scarring.

Cellulite is a term used to describe areas of the body where there is visible accumulation of fat that has a dimpled or textured look akin to orange peel. It is a predominantly female problem and starts to show at puberty upwards. Even slim women can be affected by it. It is most often found around the thighs, buttocks, upper arms and abdomen.

Discoloration and hollows that appear around the eyes can occur very early in life if its hereditary in nature. It can be a general darkening (grey or brown hues) of the area around the eyes or it can be focused just beneath the eyes. Hollowing beneath the eyes tends to make the discolouration worse.

The lines that appear when we smile is normal. However as we age these lines get deeper and the cheeks appears heavier and hangs over the nasolabial folds.

Fatty deposits under chin affects the silhouette of a profile and blurs the definition of a desirable jawline.


Dull skin lacks clarity, plumpness and glow. It often looks splotchy and uneven, making one look tired and aged.

Skin has pores for sebum production, sweat and dead cells to be released. When these openings get clogged, they enlarge and become unsightly big pores on the skin. Poor oil control over time will  lead to enlarged pores, frequent breakouts and rough skin texture.

Hair growth and distribution differs across gender and ethnicity. Waxing or plucking used to be the only way to get rid of unwanted hair.

As we age the fat pads under our eyes slides downwards and protrude outwards due to weakening and dwindling connective tissue surrounding it.

Older women can often experience childbearing  or menopause related issues like urinary incontinence, vaginal/labial laxity, dryness, increased bladder infections and/or  decreased pleasure. 

Lines or wrinkles will worsen over time. Cute expression lines become deeper and more permanently etched over time and makes one look tired and aged.

Thinning hair, receding hairlines  and/or balding is a visible sign of aging. It generally affects men more than women.

Jowls are heavy drooping of lower cheeks that crosses the jawline on either side of the face. This often appears as one ages, especially in a heavy set person with a fleshy face. It gives the face a “bulldog” appearance, which is cute in a pet, but less desirable in a person.

Short and sparse lashes is a common enough concern.

Thin lips is a common concern, and this can worsen over time when there is further loss of soft tissue like collagen and fat. Asymmetrical lips can also be easily corrected with filler injections.

Reshaping nose bridges to achieve a more flattering profile is much desired . Ideally a straight bridge with slightly upturned tip at a height that is proportionate to the rest of the face is what most people would view as an attractive feature.

Discoloration on the skin can happen for various reasons. This contributes to skin imperfections. It can range from flat spots to raised ones, lighter or darker than normal skin tone, and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Rosacea is identified by redness on the central part of the face (lower forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) which starts off as intermittent, then becomes more permanent and severe overtime. It is caused by an excess of dilated blood vessels and affects more women than men.

This is a very common problem as one gets older. The brows sits lower than usual and makes the upper lids of the eye hang heavy over the eyes. This can worsen an already saggy upper lid. We are less able to tolerate Botox/Dysport injections of the forehead lines over time.

As we age, skin loses its elasticity, thickness and firmness. We also lose bone mass, muscle mass, fat, collagen and elastin. This explains why our face starts to look saggy and jowly, not unlike the adorable bulldog.