Scars are fibrous tissue that forms on skin in the process of healing. Any trauma to the skin like infection, cuts or bites can cause scarring. How a wound heals can produce hypertrophic , keloid or atrophic scars. Scar tissue is different from normal skin because of the particular formation of collagen during the healing process and it tends to be less elastic and functional like normal skin.

Stretch marks are formed during quick expansion of skin during puberty surge or pregnancy. The elastic fibres in the dermis starts to split when the growth expansion exceeds its stretching capacity. Excess corticosteroid can also cause stretch marks to appear. They are seen as red, pink, purplish or white lines just beneath the skin surface and is usually permanent.

Neck bands, loose skin and deep lines on the neck is a common complain in older women. We tend to focus more on the face and the neck is easily forgotten. Over time the stark contrast is hard to ignore.

Volume loss happen usually when we age. This can also happen when we lose a lot of weight.This often results in a tired and aged look. We start to lose them around the temples and undereyes, then the cheeks and even the lips.