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Hyaluronic Acid Filler is a very popular treatment to replace lost volume in the face. We use biocompatible hyaluronic acid filler that is Health Canada approved only.
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As we age, we lose volume due to collagen breakdown, fat loss, bone shrinkage and loss of skin health and elasticity.
This can make one look tired and haggard.
Dermal Filler is excellent in replacing lost volume to lift and contour.
The results are instantaneous.

Dermal Filler is commonly used for:

  • Filling undereye hollows to refresh a look
  • Lip enhancement
  • Augment cheek contours and lift sagging cheeks
  • Accentuate the chin for better facial balance and symmetry
  • Define a jawline and lift sagging jowls
  • Filling in acne scars or dents in the skin
  • Filling in deep lines and wrinkles
  • Filling in nasolabial folds
  • Filling in marionette lines
  • Augmenting the nose
  • Filling temples and forehead to lift sagging brows and diminish deep lines



Results are instantaneous with minimal downtime.
Depending on how the fillers are used, one can look rejuvenated, younger and more attractive.
Dermal filler can last from 9 months to 2 years.

Who it is for

Anyone that has concerns of volume loss can benefit from dermal filler to restore lost volume, lift and contour. 
Dermal filler can also enhance and accentuate features of the face for beautification and rejuvenation.

Before & After

Eye Filler 1_Before Eye Filler 1_After

Eye Filler 1

Filler 1_Before Filler 1_After

Filler 1

Filler 2_Before Filler 2_After

Filler 2

Filler 3_Before Filler 3_After

Filler 3

Filler 4_Before Filler 4_After

Filler 4

Lip Filler 1_Before Lip Filler 1_After

Lip Filler 1

Lip Filler 2_Before Lip Filler 2_After

Lip Filler 2

Lip Filler 3_Before Lip Filler 3_After

Lip Filler 3

Nose Filler 1_Before Nose Filler 1_After

Nose Filler 1

Nose Filler 2_Before Nose Filler 2_After

Nose Filler 2