Lash concerns

Lashes that are too short , thin and sparse.
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Lash concerns

Short and sparse lashes is a common enough concern.


This is mostly genetic, but aging also makes lashes sparse and thin.

Prevention and Treatment

This is easily fixed with a nourishing lash serum. We at Hush carry AnteAGE Overnight Lash Serum to help produce longer and thicker lashes. These products are to be applied daily, and results can be seen in 8-12 weeks.


Growth Factors and Cytokines

AnteAGE MD | Holiday Gift Box
AnteAGE MD | Holiday Gift Box
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What's Included
AnteAGE® Eye is our brand-new product only available inside the Holiday Box.
  • powered by growth factors,
  • giving you a lifted, more hydrated appearance.
  • Target lines, puffiness, and dark circles 
AnteAGE MD® Serum & Accelerator
  • formulated with everything you need for healthy, youthful looking skin. 

AnteAGE MD® Brightener
  • even out your skin tone 
  • diminish age spots, sun damage, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.
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Hair Treatment

Lash Care
Lash serum
For Fuller, Longer, Thicker Lashes.
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  • 5ml
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Overnight Lash Serum
Overnight Lash Serum
For thicker, fuller more beautiful lashes.

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