Lip concerns

Undesirable shape, size or symmetry
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Lip concerns

Thin lips is a common concern, and this can worsen over time when there is further loss of soft tissue like collagen and fat. Asymmetrical lips can also be easily corrected with filler injections.


Genetics and aging are the main causes of thin lips or undesirable shape.

Prevention and Treatment

Fillers is a quick easy fix to fuller and plumper lips.

Medical Grade Skincare:
SkinMedica HA5 Smooth and Plump Lip System


Lip Treatment

HA5® Smooth and Plump Lip System
HA5® Smooth and Plump Lip System
This two-step treatment is clinically shown to plump and hydrate of lips .
It provides the same smoothing and hydrating benefits of HA Rejuvenating Hydrator.

Appropriate for all skin types.
  • 2x1.5g
$ 90.00
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Filler is a quick and easy fix to replace lost volume  in the face. We use biocompatible hyaluronic acid filler that is Health Canada approved only.

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