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It’s no secret that healthy and hydrated skin has a natural radiant glow. Aging skin often appears more dull and dry because the skin produces less hyaluronic acid (HA) that’s needed to maintain the moisture level in the skin. Replenishing the HA level with mesotherapy can rehydrate the skin and improve the dullness of the overall complexion.

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This is a minimally invasive and safe procedure because hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the body. The procedure involves injecting precise amount of HA micro-droplets into the skin using micro-puncture technique done by Dr. Rose. Immediate improvement is seen after the first treatment and a series of 2-4 treatments done a month apart is recommended for further improvement. Most patients resume their normal daily activities post treatment and report minimal down time. There maybe slight redness of the skin from the needles that usually dissipates within an hour. We also offer a complement of HA cocktail mix to suit every skin need and budget. Some of the added ingredients range from peptides, anti-oxidants, stem cell derived growth factors and cytokines and Platelet Rich Plasma. Dr Rose will be able to advice you on a suitable choice.


Plump, firm and revitalized radiant skin can be expected.

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Most can benefit from this treatment.

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