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Photo-Dynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy  is an effective treatment for acne and pre-cancerous sun damage spots. It involves applying a photosensitizing agent  followed by illumination of light like BLU-U.
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Photo-dynamic Therapy

When a photosensitizing agent is applied to the skin, it gets absorbed by the targeted cells like Acne or sun damage spots like Actinic Keratosis. This agent gets chemically converted by these cells which in turn becomes light sensitive. When exposed to medical grade safe light source like BLU-U light, these target cells get destroyed. This is very effective for treating mild to moderate Acne and sun damage.


Clearer skin, reduced inflammation, less discoloration, and acne control or eradication.

Who it is for

Anyone with mild to moderate active acne or sun damage can benefit from this treatment.

Before & After

PDT 1_Before PDT 1_After

Photo-dynamic Therapy + Levulan 1

Photo-dynamic Therapy + Levulan 2_Before Photo-dynamic Therapy + Levulan 2_After

Photo-dynamic Therapy + Levulan 2